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Life of an (Apple) trainer (part 2), My Week


If I was training at my own office, it would be in Schiedam. Schiedam is quite a boring city, and know for it’s brandy ‘Jenever’. There really isn’t much to do there.

My region as far as traveling are the Nordic countries, which consists of: Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö (all 3 in Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) and Helsinki (Finland). I sometimes also have to go to Belgium, which I really hate cause people can’t drive there andespecially the French speaking Belgians are not known to be very nice.

So what are my popular cities then: Well I really love Oslo, Stockholm & Gothenburg (and Copenhagen isn’t bad either). They are all 3 beautiful cities, with all nice people. At the office they know that all Stockholm & Oslo trips must be done by me (or else I get very angry ;) ).


A week in the life of…

So what is it I have to do as a trainer. Let me just give you an example of a few days in my life as a trainer.

My Calendar


I’ll arrive at the office late as always (because I’m always late, it actually isn’t considered late), and drink my coffee which is sitting on my desk waiting for me to drink it all up. My colleagues (Marjo or Franziska) are always so friendly to make me a nice coffee with frothed milk, 1 sugar and 1 sweetener. The combination of 1 sugar and 1 sweetener is really important because 2 sugar or 2 sweeteners tastes terrible… But not my lovely combo… It’s perfect!

This day at the office is a course prep day, so I’m making course material or prepare myself for the training next day. At 11 o’clock we have a coffee break and at 12:30 we have a lunch break. At 15:30 we all have another break (I call it the cola break, because we normally drink soft drinks in that break). And after 17:00 it’s time to go home again.


I’ll arrive late at the office, drink my coffee while going to my classroom. I’ll setup the computers that I need and wait for my students to arrive. Normally I’ll start the training at 9:30 and have a break at 11:00. At 12:30 I go out to a restaurant for lunch with my students and continue again at 13:30. At around 15:00 we take another break (the cola break) and I normally kick my students out around 16:00-16:30. At 17:00 I go home again.


I wake up, and start packing my suitcase. Today I fly to Stockholm to deliver some courses there. My dad picks me up from home and drives me to the airport (which is a 10 minute ride from my place). After check-in and security, I hang out with my ex colleagues at the airport. Once I’m done with that I take some snack and / or drink (read a lot of red wine) from the airline lounge and walk slowly to the gate. Because I’m a frequent flyer, I’m allowed to board the plane before the other non frequent flyers get in. I normally sit between row 3 and 7. The thing is, those rows are sometimes reserved for business class and have more legroom than the rest of the seats. So I’ll enjoy business class seat config, with economy class service. (added note: KLM recently changed their seat policy, those seats are now called Economy comfort and require an additional fee… Damn you KLM)

After arriving at the airport in Stockholm, I’ll take the train and metro to go to my hotel. In Stockholm I normally stay at Skyhotel Apartments. They have nice big rooms,with apartment services (which means they only clean once a week, but the price is rather affordable for all the benefits you get). The receptionists in the hotel normally welcome me with a big smile and hug, because I’m their favorite guest (so they say :p ). My nickname at the hotel is the candy man, because I always bring candy and cookies from Holland. I actually have a lot of contact with the staff in my private time, because they are all fun people and make me feel at home there..

In the evening I meet up with one of my friends and then it’s of to bed.


Every night before going to bed, I tell myself: “Owen, you are going to wake up early and have breakfast at the hotel”. But every morning when my alarm rings, I just snooze the bitch until it’s too late for breakfast and go to the office straight away by taking the metro.

At the office Joe normally awaits me, and makes me a coffee with a plastic spoon, some brown sugar and milk. It’s how I like my coffee at the office in Stockholm :)

At 9 o’clock I start my course while still eating a sandwich (what they always have laying around at the office). The rest of the training day is sort of the same as in Holland, we have some breaks and lunch, and around 4 o’clock I kick my students away.

Sometimes after class I hang out with my students at O’learys, which often results in us being drunk as fuck. If not hanging out with students, I hang out with my other friends, and we have dinner somewhere.


I wake up to late for breakfast again, go the office to do my course. After I’m finished with the course, I take the metro and train to the airport again to fly back to Amsterdam.

For some reason I always end up drinking a lot a red win in the airline lounge, it’s free (hey I’m Dutch) and always taste good. It wouldn’t be the first time boarding the plane while being highly intoxicated. All time record was a flight from Oslo to Amsterdam. The airplane had some technical challenges in Oslo, so the time I had to spend in the lounge was way longer. So what would I do? Exactly, drink more wine. That evening I boarded the plane after drinking more than 2 bottles of red wine all by myself, when seeing the flight attendants the first thing I said to them is if they had another bottle of red wine. The flight attendants were so nice and friendly that I ended up drinking 2 small bottles of red wine and a gin tonic.


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Life of an (Apple) trainer (part 1), TRAVELING

Many of my friends are wondering what my life as trainer is all about. To explain all that takes quite some time and too much text to cope all at once. So no… I’m not gonna bore you with one single blogpost, but with multiple blogposts! :p

So let me start with the traveling part and the pros and cons


Meeting people

I do meet a lot of people when I’m abroad, but you do have to be open for it. Not everybody is the social type of person (and I do have to admit that I have to be in the mood too). Wherever I go I meet people (Airline lounge, airplane, hotels, offices, my own training courses), you name it. Thinking about my behavior when I meet people, it seems that I have a flirtatious personality. Locals (wherever I am) have the tendency to think foreigners are for some reason really interesting, which will result in their flirtatious behavior…  So it’s a lot of flirting! :p

Social life

Because I can be a social type, I do love hanging out with bunch of people. The problem can be that when I’m abroad, I basically can hang out every single evening. At least I have loads of fun (and alcohol) :p

Seeing something of the world

Well this is highly debatable because I have seen a lot of the world, but then again you have to be in the right mood and have some energy left after a whole day of talking / presenting / training. I still remember that my ex went to Stockholm and went into town when I was working. In 1 single day she had seen more of Stockholm, than I have seen so far. :p

Frequent Flyer

Because I travel so much, I have reached a certain status as a Frequent Flyer. With my current status, I can get into the airline lounges and get as much food and drinks (read wine) as I want. There are more benefits, but having free wine is the most important one for me! :p
As a Frequent Flyer I collect miles. The more I fly, the more miles I get. Those Miles I can spend on free flights (or other goodies), and as we speak I collected enough for a few return trips within Europe.


One of my biggest hobbies is food and especially the part where I start eating it! :p Because I’m abroad that much for the company, it’s the company who is responsible for paying for my restaurant bills (and that’s why I have a company credit card). This is a big opportunity for me to try out many restaurants in all the cities I visit. I guess you can say I’ve seen more restaurants than the average person.


Social life

Even though my social life abroad can be quite exciting, it does affect my social life in the Netherlands. 2012 was a crazy year, I was abroad half of the month on average. So meeting up my friends was hard because I was gone all the time. And the stupid thing is, quite often when I’m back in town, I just have to recharge. traveling can make you quite tired.


Yes peepz… Big news… I can kinda feel lonely when I’m abroad, especially when I visit places I don’t often go to. It’s not that I’m not a social person, but getting into a random bars and start talking to random people doesn’t get appreciated by every single person. So when you’re back into your hotel room, you might become homesick or feel lonely. (Now this might sound all heavy and shit, but don’t take it too deep :p )


Like you just read some lines ago, traveling can be really tiring. It can make you weak and more vulnerable for illness and colds. Recovering takes more time than normal, and even though I’m quite tired I often wake up in the middle of the night (read, multiple times).

Living from out of a suitcase

My experience in traveling has made me learn to live from out of suitcase. My standard traveling suitcase is always partially packed. If you would go to my place and open up my suitcase you will find the following:

  • Toiletry bag
    • Moisturizer
    • Eye cream
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Tongue Scraper
    • Dental floss
    • Shaving oil
    • Razor blades
    • Deodorant
    • Tweezers
    • Facial soap
    • Scrub
    • Nailclipper
    • Perfumes
  • Umbrella
  • Vitamins
  • Medicine
  • Socks
  • Boxers

My Suitcase

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Another pic update :)

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First pic update of February :-)

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Photo update :)

Some Pic update :)

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A professional trainer at work! :p

So this is how I deliver my courses! :p

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Pic update :-)

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2013 Intentions, watcha gonna do?

With 2013 just in our pockets, people always start the new year with good intentions on what they are going to do (or want to do).

So these are the typical examples:

-Stop smoking
-Drink less
-Eat healthy
-More physical exercises/sports

I don’t see myself as a typical person (or do you think I am?), so I’m not going to have these typical intentions. Now you’re probably wondering what my intentions are… I’m not even that sure, so I’m going to make them up while typing all this:

-Getting my motorcycle license
-Producing some tracks
-Being more social active (no not social media)
-Make my apartment feel like home (yeah I do need help with decorating)
-Going to Indonesia to meet my grandma (gosh I miss her) and the rest of the family
-Going to another asian country, possible destinations: Japan, Cambodia, Korea, and more…

Now we all know to well what happens with these intentions… They are called intentions, because you intend to do it. But it doesn’t mean that you actually will. So my biggest intention is that I will actually do whatever I have intended, without the intention of not doing whatever I’ve intended (are you still getting me? :P )

My intention is to inform you guys in 2014 about my intention for 2013, and if I really did whatever I intended to do :)



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So how was your year?

So 2012 has left us, and we were all lucky to welcome 2013. The world didn’t end, but yet 2012 was a tough year for many people around me (including me, even tough I had so many good moments 2).

2013 is going to a good year, and let’s start the good year with a photo update.

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